My training members joined my program

Somerville and Cambridge area personal trainer cuts through the B.S. and confusion of fitness to help local residents lose fat, get strong and lean and actually keep the fat off.

From: Callie Durbrow
Cambridge and Somerville personal trainer and fitness expert

I’m about to get totally honest with you. This is not going to be a hypey sales letter telling you how to lose the flab around your arms, how to get “toned and how to lose X pounds of fat in 14 days. I’m so sick of the noise that most trainers, gyms and fitness products will try to sell you with.

I’m going to be real and simple because that’s how I am and that’s how you’re going to get results.

Were you looking for a quick fix? A special toning exercise or a boot camp that will make you so tired you want to puke but you actually don’t see any changes in your body?

Sorry, this is not the program for you.

But, if you’re looking for a program that’s real, efficient, straight to the point and helps regular folks just like you get into incredible shape and pushes their body (safely) past any level they ever imagined, all while having fun with their training pals in the gym then I suggest you continue reading.

I’ve got some more good news. This program is so simple. It’s the most straight forward, results driven method you’ll ever be a part of. There are only three things you need to focus on and you’ll only spend 4-5 of the 168 hours in your week on training.

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Dear friend
callie-durbrowThanks for taking the time to read this letter. On this page you’ll learn how our training family at Durbrow Performance could change your life. If you’re anything like the ladies and dudes that come to our gym, you’re a bit confused. You’ve tried it all and every time you turn around there’s a new trick, diet or hot training method that is supposed to help you shed fat.

I know you’re smart. If you’ve read this far you’re looking for something real and that’s what I want to show you. I’m not going to B.S. you for a second. This training program requires work, but that work leads to results.

With the Durbrow Performance Training methods you’ll be able to create the body that you’ve always dreamed of but just never knew exactly how to get on your own while cutting your workout time in half, never doing cardio and eating pretty much anything you want once a week… Sound impossible? “Not if you believe what other Cambridge and Somerville residents are saying…

What do all these guys and girls have in common?

They busted their butts and got serious results.

I want to make something clear. Busting your butt does not mean crushing workouts that just make you sweat and end up injuring you. Our training methods are customized for people just like you, regular folks who want to be stronger, faster, fitter, leaner and more athletic.

I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, the highest level of training you can achieve. I’m not saying that to brag, but I do want you to know that you’re not coming into some Joe-Shmo training center. We focus on technique, results and progressions no matter what level of fitness you come in with.

Here’s the deal. If you’re like most people then you hate to work out. Some days you have a great workout but most days you just dread getting up and going to the gym only to become overwhelmed by what exercises to do and how to even lift that stupid weight over your head while all the guys gawk at you in the weight room.

It’s enough to drive you insane. There’s no rhyme or reason to your workouts. You try a little strength training but then you get bored so you end up just heading over to the cardio room and plugging along for 50 minutes on the elliptical trainer while you catch up on the last episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the E Channel. Then you go home and cook up what you think is a healthy meal but then the next article you read in Women’s Health says that carbs are bad but you thought you needed carbs for energy, or maybe after a workout?

The confusion continues. And you quit.

Fortunately, You’re Smart Enough to Cut Through the Junk and Go After What You Really Want- RESULTS

How do you get those results? You lie awake at night wishing for a change but you just don’t know how to start. You know whatever you are doing right now is not working and you’re sick of it. I totally understand.

And I bet that’s why you’re here. That’s why you came to this page (and I’m glad that you did). You’re looking for a no B.S. effective, results driven training program that can help you erase those years of bad-advice and half assed workouts that got you virtually no where and almost instantly change your life, your body and your mindset.

With Durbrow Performance Training you’ll get access to my top training methods on a daily basis. Methods that will:

*Drastically increase your metabolism, this means you’ll be burning fat while you’re NOT working out. Plus you’ll be enrolled in our semi-private group training sessions that provide you with full body strength workouts which studies show is the absolute best method for fat loss

*Reset and prime your metabolism for optimal fat burning. You’ll learn how 5 days can essentially rewire your hormonal system and charge up your fat burning potentials, if you do it right. Plus….incredibly….

You’ll Discover that You Can Lose Pounds and Pounds of Fat and Create a More Confident, Happier You by Training Less and Actually Eating More

Here’s me being honest again. I hate diets. I hate running and cardio. Those things don’t work. Our clients learn the real stuff that gets you results and I hope I’ll be able to show you too because I’m so sick of smart people like you getting sucked into the crap that’s out there today.

My training members joined my program so I can give them….

  • 100% access to my fat blasting (700 calories per hour) semi-private training sessions
  • My hormone balancing, metabolic boosting meal plan that you can actually eat real food without starving on another “diet”
  • Fully mapped out conditioning workouts designed to burn more fat in 23 minutes than you have in hours on that silly elliptical trainer
  • They get all of this while spending 1/2 the time in the gym, eating foods they like and even having a cheat day built into the nutrition plan
“Lindsay lost 20 inches”

“See how Liz lost 11 pounds of body fat and 23 inches....”

“LeighAnn lost 17.5 inches and 13 pounds of fat in just 5 weeks”

“See how Liz lost 12 pounds of fat and 14 inches”






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Boston, MA

Before I started training with Callie at Durbrow Performance Training, my body felt so weak. I had the desire to break out of my normal routine, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I was bored with my workout, my diet was a mess, and I longed for more structure. I was nervous about coming into personal training because I had so little experience. But what a difference it has made! I have lost 8 pounds and 4% of my overall body fat. I also lost several inches around my waist and hips in just a few weeks. I have muscles I never even knew existed on my body and I feel stronger than I ever have in my life. Since I’ve started and see some results, it’s been progressively easier to just say NO to my favorite junk foods!

“I Have Lost 8 Pounds And 4% Of My Overall Body Fat!”
Testimonial Picture

Before I started training with Durbrow Performance Training I was not in shape and not working out on a normal basis. I was a little nervous for the first class but signing up with a friend made it so much easier and everyone is very welcoming. I have seen AMAZING results in the past 8 weeks that I have been training, I feel stronger, healthier and have more energy now. Everyone should give it a try it’s totally worth it, and you have nothing to lose!!

“I Feel Stronger, Healthier And Have More Energy Now.”
Testimonial Picture

Before I got to Durbrow Performance Training I was very sedentary. In recent weeks I was able to get my diet under control but I was doing very little exercise and seeing very little change.

I was convinced that I just wasn’t strong enough to exercise with a group of people. However when my friend Caroline asked me to participate in a 4 week challenge I quickly signed up before I could talk myself out of it and I’m so glad I did! In just 4 weeks I dropped 8 inches overall and gained 4 pounds of muscle. I was quickly outgrowing a size 14 and now I comfortably fit into a size 12 skinny jeans.

I could feel myself getting stronger after every session with Emily (my trainer). I like seeing my body change and get stronger. This was definitely the boost I needed. For the first time ever reaching my goal seems possible. It was hard and sometimes it hurt but I am so glad I joined!

“In Just 4 Weeks I Dropped 8 Inches Overall And Gained 4 Pounds Of Muscle!”
“See how Kelly from Somerville changed her life and now has more energy than ever!”

“See how Elise from Cambridge lost 3% body fat in 6 weeks!”

“Jim from Cambridge lost 10 punds of PURE FAT and added 3 pounds of muscle in only a month”

“Samantha from Somerville lost 5 inches in just weeks”

“Jeff from Brighton lost 12 pounds of fat in just 6 weeks!”

You see, I’ve been an athlete all my life. Totally obsessed with training, conditioning and making myself better.
When I was a kid I was really into soccer. My dad always believed in being better conditioned and smarter than the other players, that’s how you’d win. So he’s have me running sprints up the hill in our back property when I was in junior high and high school so I’d be ready for the season.

In college I got really into strength training. After soccer practice every other day I’d hit up the weight room for a 30 minute session just to keep my body strong during the season while everyone else on my team headed to the cafeteria to load up on some super carbs and processed foods.
After college I began working with high school athletes and training them to get strong, fast and injury free.

So what does all this story telling about me mean for you? Good news, in fact….

Then one day a few years later something in my head clicked. It was like the floodgates opened and everything I had ever trained for, learned, implemented in my own trainings and with the over 3,277 training sessions I had done at that point, came together like the Perfect Storm. It became crystal clear and I put together the Durbrow Performance Method.

And once I put this technique into play, my training members results were skyrocketing. Body fat was falling off people who were once struggling, people were eating healthy and actually enjoying the taste of food and not cardboard, no one was doing boring slow cardio.

Instead, ladies and dudes just like you were:

  • Training 2-3 days per week in my gym
  • Completing two 23 minute conditioning workouts on their own time
  • Eating exactly according to my metabolic supporting meal plan and even enjoying their favorite junk foods once per week
  • Getting better results than they’ve had in years
  • Creating bad-ass bodies that they could feel proud of

I realized that training your entire body in one session, moving fast, sprinting and eating to support your training were the exact ingredients to this life changing plan.

Is this a secret or a trick?

Nope. It’s just a compilation of 16 years of in the trenches training, working with athletes, studying over 975 hours of proven nutritional research and performing over 3000 training hours of grueling training sessions that melted off 1-2 pounds of body fat per week for my clients.

The Durbrow Performance Method is so simple

  • Strength training
  • Effective Metabolic Based Eating (meaning you actually eat to burn fat)
  • Fat Blasting Conditioning workouts (no boring cardio)

I’m about to give you the complete system, and an unfair advantage.

Am I going to give away all the goods right here and now? No way. My program is filled with Cambridge and Somerville men and women working their butts off for access to this knowledge and these cutting edge training systems. I will tell you this: I only take on people who are committed. I don’t care if you’re not an athlete, if you’re not in shape or if you are a little bit scared. Those are all good things, because I can change that.

All I want is for you to say YES I want to change my life. If you can do that, then you’re going to fit right in on our personal training team. The Durbrow Performance Method is powerful, bad-ass, effective and 100% safe. We don’t do boot camps, cardio or diets. It’s hard work, sweat and focus. We also have a damn good time doing it.

What other gym do you know that plays trampoline dodgeball, has holiday parties with crazy gag gifts, has charity workouts for members of our training family, sings karaoke together, has birthday workouts and supports each and every one of our family members during every rep of their workout? Not too many, I can guarantee that.

There’s a very good reason that I’m telling you all of this and that’s because you’re still reading this letter. I applaud you for that. I can tell that you’re one of those people with the burning desire to make a life change. If it’s keeping you up at night because you just can’t lose those last 10 pounds then great. It’s time to change that and Durbrow Performance Personal Training is just the answer for you.

The most powerful training and nutrition plan is here. This is an exciting time for you. You’ve struggled, cried, become so frustrated that you have even given up (probably multiple times). But that’s all about to change just by completing one simple act of signing up for your 60 minute consult with me. If you’re ready to get serious results without all the B.S. and hype then we should work together. If you’re satisfied with going through the motions and clinging to ineffective diets, cardio and weak mindset training then you should stop reading right now.

Yes Callie, I’m ready to abandon the ineffective toning, dieting and cardio training that’s out there today and sign up for your results guaranteed Durbrow Performance Method.

  • Yes Callie I’m ready for your straight forward, bad ass training style

  • Yes Callie I’m ready to look in the mirror and feel awesome about my body
  • Yes Callie I’m ready to ditch the B.S diets and embark on your proven metabolic boosting, hormone resetting meal plan

  • Yes Callie I’m ready for training sessions that will get me strong, lean and crazy fit in just 50 minutes
  • Yes Callie I’m ready to lose 3-5 inches around my waist in just 30 days

  • Yes Callie I’m ready to join a fun and motivating training group that pushes me past my personal limits every day
  • Yes Callie I’m ready to lose 1-2 clothing sizes in less than 2 months

  • Yes Callie I’m ready to join your system of “anti-cardio” training that helps me torch fat in just 23 minutes
  • Yes Callie I’m ready to join your system of “anti-cardio” workouts that obliterate stubborn fat in just 23 minutes

  • Yes Callie I’m ready to super charge my body and finally get fit, lean and totally bad ass
  • Yes Callie I’m ready to change my life and get serious results

  • Yes Callie I’m ready to get into incredible shape with NO RISK, RESULTS GUARANTEED. I’m going to schedule my 60 minute consult with you now.

Testimonial Picture
Lauren Quinn
Owner of Crystal Clear Promotions - Boston, MA

I never looked forward to working out. That is until I met Callie Durbrow. Now not only do I look forward to it but have fun doing it!  Callie took the time to learn about my history and she has created a training program that is specific for me.

Since I do not belong to a gym, she suggests circuit training which works out great. I love it! It keeps me interested while I improve on my challenge areas. Callie makes it fun and the positive encouragement makes a huge difference. Callie has changed my attitude towards working out in just a short period.  I’m looking forward to continuing to train with Callie. She is one of a kind!

“Callie Makes It Fun And The Positive Encouragement Makes A Huge Difference.”
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Cambridge, MA

I am getting married in June and in preparation for the big day looking trim and feeling healthy is my top priority. I started training with Callie Durbrow with specific goals to firm, tone and lose weight. I have always been a runner and realized though I was running 22+ miles a week I was not seeing any changes in my body. I was not seeing results and with the help of Callie realized that I needed to change my workouts.

Since I have been working out with Callie and I have dropped 3% body fat and have the start of 6 pack abs! I feel accomplished at the end of the workouts with Callie and am getting stronger and leaner. Working out with Callie is one of the few services that I have done for myself where I see and feel results.

“I Have Dropped 3% Body Fat And Have The Start Of 6 Pack Abs!”
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Boston, MA

I started a personal training program with Callie Durbrow to improve my performance in my favorite sports. After just a few weeks of training, I could complete my hikes and climbs without fatigue. She designs routines with plenty of variety so that you stay motivated and get the most from your workout.  She also does an excellent job of focusing on each client’s specific goals.

Since starting with her I’ve lost 7 pounds and seen improvements in strength & endurance beyond what I ever accomplished on my own, and I’m still making gains. I also lost 4% body fat which was about 7 pounds of fat!

I can say from experience that if you’re serious about improving your overall fitness, you’ll get results with Callie!

“I Lost 4% Body Fat... About 7 Pounds Of Fat!”
Testimonial Picture
Somerville MA

I’m 5’3” and 124 pound and I lost 4% body fat in 4 months!
My name is Jane and I’m 28-years old. I’ve been doing some sort of exercise since I was 16. There have been other trainers, other aerobics classes and other workout routines but none that has produced nearly to the degree that working with Callie Durbrow has! I have a holistic view on my health and truly believe that exercising regularly not only improves your physical body but has positive influences on your overall life. In Callie, I was able to find someone who not only had the same philosophy but was able to help me build and improve on what I’d already known, including basic food fundamentals.

She takes the time to answer my many questions, explains the purpose and theory behind the exercises and encourages my internal competitiveness. She has taught me that I can accomplish in 8 reps with heavier weights what I thought I could only do in 15 reps or more, that I can accomplish more in an intense 30 minute workout of combination exercises than in an hour of targeting one muscle at a time, the value of a post-workout protein shake and more importantly – that I have more power in me than I even knew about! I appreciate that when we have a session; I have her undivided attention and know that she is going to help me improve my form and technique.  She’ll put you to work and it’ll be hard, but you WILL feel and see the benefits.  Through her creativity and innovation, she’s made me truly realize that despite my small size (5’3″ tall and 124 lbs), I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and can push that car a third time around the parking lot!  (Yes, not even remotely kidding about this one.  I have never felt more badass than the first time I did this!)  My goals when partnering with Callie were to become stronger and healthier.

In the 3+ months that I’ve worked with Callie, I’ve lost 3% body fat in the first 2 months and then an additional 1% in the last month.  I’ve noticed much more definition in my arms and legs and even some abs poking out from underneath!  I have never seen faster results!  My level of endurance has increased significantly and the soreness in my back and right knee has drastically decreased by the stretches and strengthening exercises Callie has shown me which has also improved my running.  I cannot say enough about Callie as a personal trainer.  I recommend her to everyone I know looking for guidance.  There is pride and integrity in what she does and after every session, I feel it too!

“I’m 5’3” And 124 Pound And I Lost 4% Body Fat In 4 Months!”
Boston MA

I lost 4% body fat and cut 10 minutes off my ½ marathon time in just 4 months! Recently I came to Boston for work, while I was here I wanted to improve my half marathon running time, as well as trim up so I signed up with personal trainer Callie Durbrow. Before training with Callie I considered myself “in good shape” and was pretty dedicated to fitness, and was a runner. I had trained with other trainers before, but Callie gave me exactly what I wanted by kicking my butt. She completelyrevamped my overview of fitness and working out. During the months I trained with her I lost 4% body fat and cut off 10 minutes and 50 seconds off of my half marathon time. I honestly looked forward to my workouts each week and training with the group was awesome!

“I Lost 4% Body Fat And Cut 10 Minutes Off My ½ Marathon Time In Just 4 Months!”
Cambridge, Massachusetts

In the 9 years I have had personal trainers, Callie Durbrow is the best I’ve had. When she returned to CAC for morning sessions, I immediately asked to switch back to her. I am an “older client” and Callie is sensitive to and helpful about physical limitations caused by injury (and age). But that doesn’t mean she’s easy on me: she still pushes me very hard–without intimidating me. Her routines are very varied and cover everything from strength to flexibility to aerobic conditioning–and her quiet good humor keeps it encouraging. I feel I get “two hours of exercise for the price of one” when I’m working with Callie.

“In The 9 Years I Have Had Personal Trainers, Callie Durbrow Is The Best I've Had...”
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Dr. Faiqa Imtiaz
Cambridge, MA

I was lucky enough to have Callie Durbrow as my personal trainer over a four-week period in July 2009, while I was in Boston from overseas on business. As I had my third baby in February this year, I was really keen to get motivated and start getting in shape.

Before I started my training program, Callie and I discussed in detail my desired aims and goals that I would like to achieve. Callie made me feel comfortable straight away and after our discussion, she recorded all my body measurements, body fat percentage and weight (166 lbs, 34.9% body fat). Callie also really enlightened me with regards to a healthy diet and the importance of drinking lots of water!

Over the four weeks, I completed 15 personal training sessions with Callie and did my best to stick to her nutritional advice. Before my last training session, I was amazed to see that not only had I lost 9 lbs in weight and a total of 7 inches from my body measurements, and I had also lost 2.5% of body fat!

I can honestly say that I am thrilled by these results and from my personal experience, completely believe in Callie’s training approach, knowledge and expertise. Not only did I see a change in my weight and in the way that I feel, but I am so happy to see the huge change in my body shape after just 4 weeks.

Callie is a true professional, friendly and even makes 6am training sessions something to look forward to! Training with Callie has physically given me a huge jump-start to getting into shape and at the same time has motivated my thinking in the most positive, healthy and enthusiastic manner. My only regret is that I wish I had more time with her! Thank you Callie for making my short time with you so much fun and effective! 

“I Lost 9 Lbs In Weight And A Total Of 7 Inches From My Body Measurements, And I Had Also Lost 2.5% Of Body Fat In Just 4 Weeks!”
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Cambridge MA

Fitness is getting on the elliptical 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes. It’s eating more salads. Its push-ups and crunches.

Well, at least that’s what fitness was to me before starting with Callie Durbrow at Durbrow Performance Training. Sure, that approach resulted in some progress, but it was slow. And let me tell you, it was boring. Maybe it sounds familiar.

But oh no, that’s not how Callie rolls. She knows what she’s doing and takes an approach that goes for maximum, healthy, sustainable results quickly. She’s got interesting exercises that work large muscle groups… hard. At any level, she makes sure you get a great workout. I’m in much better shape than when I started six months ago, but I still get my butt kicked from her workouts just the same. And beyond the sessions, she’s taught me basics of nutrition and diet and provided me with ideas for my own workouts to get started on a sustainable fitness lifestyle change.

I’m loving the results. I’ve lost 5% body fat and over twenty five pounds, while adding noticeable lean muscle. I’ve achieved my goals of losing weight, getting a flatter stomach, and feeling healthier. I’ve got the type of body I had in high school and I know in time, it’ll be even better.

Now, I’m ready to set some new goals for myself. Like getting to 12% body fat by the end of the year, training for a marathon, …and to finish replacing my over-sized wardrobe with clothes that fit.

“I've Achieved My Goals Of Losing Weight, Getting A Flatter Stomach, And Feeling Healthier.”
Testimonial Picture

I’m 51 years old and for most of my life, I have been very active in various sports including skiing, tennis, horseback riding, running, and swimming. When I was in my thirties, I ran marathons and did mini-triathlons. I remained injury free until the year I developed sacroiliitis. Once that happened, I used to “throw my back out” a few times each year. When I moved to Boston, I decided to start working with a personal trainer to develop the appropriate strengthening and stretching program. My place of employment subsidizes gym memberships at specified gyms in the Cambridge area. I joined CAC and began working with personal trainer Callie Durbrow. I have worked with Callie for four years and it has paid off in a number of ways.

First and foremost: I have not “thrown my back out” since I started working with Callie. Two reasons: (1) my muscles are stronger and (2) I now know how to lift heavy items correctly. Callie helped me to train my body (and my mind) to do this properly. I enjoy my early morning sessions with Callie. She knows that I take my workouts seriously. She is always devising new ways to challenge me. We have a lot of fun during our workouts, but we get a lot accomplished. My muscles often remind me of that later on in the day, while I am sitting in meetings at work. Important to note: Callie listens. If something I am doing, either in the gym or out on the road or in the pool, is causing pain – we discuss it, analyze it, and adjust the workout to deal with the situation.

My only regret is that I wish I had incorporated a proper strengthening/stretching program into my activities schedule when I was younger. I could have avoided the back problems.

“I Have Not “Thrown My Back Out” Since I Started Working With Callie...”
Brookline, MA

In the four years that I have been working out with Cambridge Personal Trainer Callie Durbrow, she has taught me a tremendous amount about having a smart, grounded approach to exercise, fat loss, conditioning, and preparing for anything from a trek in the Alps, to running a marathon, to simply learning to create a balance in life. Callie’s routines are always dynamic, fun, and challenging. Each workout builds upon the prior, giving or showing the client how, with design, working out consistently can drastically change one’s overall strength, balance, posture, power, and endurance. My early morning workouts in Cambridge with Callie always give me a boost to start my day with a smile.

“The Workouts Are Always Fun, Dynamic, And Challenging...”
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Boston MA

My workout regiment prior to starting with Callie’s program was less than fulfilling! I always felt like I was up for a more variety-driven and rigorous challenge but was unable to find the structure I needed to achieve it.

Since beginning my workout sessions with Callie 2 months ago, I have gone from 27% body fat to 25% and still dropping! My clothes fit much more comfortably and I’m building strong muscles and confidence.

After my training sessions with Callie, I feel great! I’m energized with a positive can-do attitude. I also am much more conscious of what I eat and am in tuned to my water consumption.

I’m so happy I found Callie’s workout sessions….I can’t imagine my life without them!

“I Have Gone From 27% Body Fat To 25% And Still Dropping!”
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Andy S.

I started personal training with Callie Durbrow after a running injury made me realize that I needed help reaching my goals. With Callie’s guidance, in only a few months I’ve gained more lean muscle, decreased body fat by 5%, lost 10 pounds and a clothing size, increased my running endurance and pace time, and best of all, recovered from my injury in record time.

Callie’s experience and knowledge enables her to create a program that works for the unique needs of every client. Her workouts are challenging but rewarding and always produce noticeable results. I highly recommend training with Callie to everyone. Regardless of your current fitness level Callie can help you grow stronger!

“Andy Lost A Full Clothing Size, 10 Pounds And 5% Body Fat!!”

Before I started working with Durbrow Performance Training’s boot camp I was completely lost when it came to working out and eating the right way. I was never into the conventional way of working out and quickly became bored at the gym, considering I didn’t know what machines to use to help myself and couldn’t find the motivation to continue. I was skeptical at first when I soon realized there was no running or eliptical involved but after the first work out my skepticism faded away. I was convinced by the second day when my body was aching and felt sore muscles that I’m sure I’ve never felt before. Callie and her training staff changed my perspective on working out and showed me how it could be fun and how to build the motivation to continue; I’ve become stronger physically and mentally through this boot camp. Seeing the positive results only pushed me further to want to eat healthy and working out. Nothing about the exercises were routine and everything about them was fullfilling! I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make positive and effective changes to not only their body but overall health. Thanks to the Durbrow Performance Training staff for helping me through this and for a trustworthy relationship with my trainers.

“I've Become Stronger Physically And Mentally Through This Boot Camp”

Hi Callie!
I just wanted to tell you how great I’ve been feeling the past couple of days, all thanks to you! I actually got to trying some work pants on last night… Man, it looked like I was in one of those massive weight loss commercials, they were so loose! And I weight myself today in the morning, and I’m only 1.5 pounds away from my goal weight (although now I think i’ll revise my goal weight a pound down or so), and I think if I keep working on it I can actually revise my waistline goal down a bit too, cause I’m only an inch away as well! It just feels so wonderful, and I know no way would I have gotten here if not for the training.

“It Looked Like I Was In One Of Those Massive Weight Loss Commercials!”

Before working out with Durbrow Performance Training, I was exercising regularly, i.e. running a few miles every other day, lifting weights maybe 1 or 2 days a week, and doing a Zumba class here and there. My fitness level plateaued with this routine and frankly, I was bored out of my mind. As my wedding approached, I fell prey to the social mandate to be in the “best shape of my life”, and luckily I found this program, which has been a life-changer for me.

Callie is a gem–motivating, flexible, and visibly committed to each of her clients. The constantly changing workouts, camaraderie, and challenging yet personalized workouts are working beautifully for me, both in terms of fitting into my schedule, keeping me interested, and producing results. A bunch of strangers taking turns punching bags, slamming ropes, and running through ladders while listening to Top 40–now really, what could be a more fun way to get in shape? I never thought I’d lose this much body fat in just 5 months. Only downside is that now I have to shell out money for a whole new wardrobe in a size 4!

“I Never Thought I'd Lose This Much Body Fat In Just 5 Months.”
Testimonial Picture

“So picture this… woman in her early 30’s, 4 children, laid off from a high profile career while on maternity leave, limping around because her knee aches with the weather changes and the extra 40 lbs she’s carrying around doesn’t help. Recipe for disaster… or depression, take your pick!

That was me and I was at a point where I resigned myself to believing that this was how I was going to be, I now had a “Mom body” and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I made some changes, did a popular weight loss program and started walking. Weight came off, but I didn’t look much different. And my knee was still a barometer. A friend alerted me to a deal that was going on for a Cambridge Bootcamp at Durbrow Performance. I wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to do it.

I kept imagining myself walking into a gym with all these toned and fit 22 year olds barely sweating, but looking great as they lift their weights with ease. Hey, we sabotage ourselves in all different ways, don’t we? Well, I figured, it was worth a try and going with a friend, that made it easier.

We went to the orientation and met Callie to do some paperwork and I was happily surprised… there were real people here! It made going to the first session a lot easier, but since I didn’t even have enough upper body strength to open a jelly jar, I was still nervous. And my knee…. Was I going to cripple myself? Best part is that these are the results I have seen in just 2 months. Twice a week for barely an hour a session.

Two full sizes down and working on a third (getting a little loose already!) I FEEL amazing and the bonus is that I look better than I have in years. My knee? No problem! Correct form and the strength I have built has all but cured that chronic ache. I have an incredible amount of energy and I am on my way out of that rut. So if you are ready for a transformation, I highly recommend Durbrow Performance Training.

“I've Achieved My Goals Of Losing Weight, Getting A Flatter Stomach, And Feeling Healthier.”
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Before I started training with Durbrow Performance Training I was not in shape and not working out on a normal basis. I was a little nervous for the first class but signing up with a friend made it so much easier and everyone is very welcoming. I have seen AMAZING results in the past 8 weeks that I have been training, I feel stronger, healthier and have more energy now. Everyone should give it a try it’s totally worth it, and you have nothing to lose!!

“I Feel Stronger, Healthier And Have More Energy Now.”
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Cambridge MA

My entire life when it came to working out and taking care of myself, I would take the typical roller-coaster approach. Work out get in good shape, get bored, stop working out, pack on the pounds, and start all over again. The last stretch of “not working out” had really left it’s toll on me. Besides being out of breath from simple activities like climbing stairs, my physical and emotional health took a serious hit. My doctor prescribed a blood pressure medicine as well as put me on a diabetic watch. I was depressed and sedentary. Working in technology put me at a desk for 8 – 12 hours a day and then I’d just go home and play video games till the wee hours of the morning. I had given up on being active and figured, “Well I’m older and married, this is what’s supposed to happen…” Then one day I woke up and said “I’m done with this!” Done of being fat; Done of worrying about my health; Done with giving up! I joined a gym and set out with a plan. I needed balance. Balance of mind, body, and spirit. I knew I had to break the downward spiral I was plummeting in. I also had to break the roller coaster ride with my physical health.

By the time I got to Durbrow Performance I was six months into my plan. I had seen great progress, but that petered out by month 4. I plateaued and couldn’t break it! My biggest goal in joining was to break the wall of resistance that my body had built and continue on my journey of living healthier. Conversely, my greatest fear was “What if this doesn’t work!?” Part of my plan was to find alternative ways to stay in shape. Just going to the gym and/or running wasn’t going to cut it. I knew that eventually, I would grow bored with the routine and give up again. I saw Durbrow Performance as a way to shake-things up and challenge me. If it didn’t live up to the hype of my expectations, how long could I keep going?

I saw results almost instantly. Not just physically, but mentally! Every session I came in with one goal “Harder, Faster, Better than the last time!” I approached each work out with a desire to push myself beyond breaking point. I was amazed at how simple the exercises seemed when demonstrated. Then I did them and almost immediately my lungs were screaming for oxygen; My heart pounded in a desperate attempt to leave my chest (which, I have to assume, from it’s vantage point had turned into a chamber of horrors); Muscles that had been used to a life of leisure and opulence had been forcibly drafted to participate in a war they had no idea had been waged. At the end of the month, I could see a new me. I went from 21% body fat to 18.5%, 54.5 lbs. of fat to 45, & my weight dropped from 259 to 243.

I realize now that what I thought was exercise and conditioning was all wrong. Hitting a treadmill or throwing up weights is NOT working out! Just because you’re sweating does not mean that you are conditioning your body. I think the biggest affect this has had on me, is what and how I eat. I have never been an over-eater, on the contrary I’d eat once or twice a day. I don’t really eat snacks and don’t care for sweets. Regardless, I never knew how many carbs I was eating or how they affected me. The “Cleansing” menu we were given on week one was a nightmare for me. In a way, I kind of know what withdrawal is like now. My wife and female friends commented that I was the first guy they’d ever known to suffer PMS symptoms! But by the end of that week I felt GREAT!! It was then that the workouts got better. My attitude and spirit were soaring. The 2nd meal plan we were given helped me form the foundation to build a way of eating that now my wife and kids do as well. Overall, I believe that I found what I had been missing all these years. I do not fear that I will fall back into that roller-coaster or that I’ll get bored with working out again. I know that I will be able to continually challenge myself to go harder, faster, & better!

“I Went From 21% Body Fat To 18.5%, 54.5 Lbs. Of Fat To 45, & My Weight Dropped From 259 To 243”
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Cambridge MA

I have known Callie Durbrow over the past 3 years and have worked with her on Strength and Conditioning training. Callie is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has years of experience. She is able to provide you with a work out that is challenging, including a variety of regimens so you do not become bored by routine. This inspires me to work out and enjoy it. I always considered myself to be active but there was so much more to learn about strength training and combined conditioning. Callie has the knowledge base and continues to maintain a high level of expertise so she can provide you with the extra step you need to be stronger and healthier.

Callie works with the individual and whatever their needs are. She can easily adapt the routines depending on your level of fitness. Overall, I have improved my strength, cardiovascular level, flexibility and lean body mass. This has improved my stamina and immune system. For anyone considering personal training, I would highly recommend consulting with Callie. She is very personable and never condescending. She allows the individual to adapt at their own pace.  You will feel more empowered. 

“I Have Improved My Strength, Cardiovascular Level, Flexibility And Lean Body Mass...”
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Cambridge MA

Growing up, I played competitive sports and was always very active. However, I stopped playing sports and working out four years ago. I gained a lot of weight in those four years, which made it even harder to motivate myself to take a workout class or join a sports team.

When I moved back to Boston in April, I decided to focus on getting back into shape, losing weight, and doing the things I used to love- tennis, rowing, and fun workout classes. I’ve been training with Callie for two months and have already noticed a huge difference.

The first month I lost about 3% body fat, and the second month I lost another 1%. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, and gained a lot of muscle and strength.

Two months ago I was too embarrassed to go to workout classes with my friends- now I go and always feel like I am keeping up with them. While I’ve been noticing great physical changes, I’ve also gained a lot more confidence- when you feel healthy and strong, it definitely shows. It also makes me want to be healthier in other ways- paying attention to my nutrition, for example (which Callie helps out with!). I still have a long way to go, but Callie always makes me feel like my goals are achievable. Every time I work out with Callie, I leave feeling exhausted yet fantastic… and looking forward to my next session!

“I've Lost About 15 Pounds, And Gained A Lot Of Muscle And Strength.”

 Fitness Guarantee

Do these Cambridge residents remind you of anyone? Could you be next? They are regular men and women but the thing the separates them from 97% of the people out there is their burning passion to create the ultimate lean body, a lifestyle that is long and healthy and look great along the way.



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You can have the body and confidence that you’ve always dreamed of. The only thing you have to do is take action. One simple act of signing up for your 60 minute consult with me. That’s it.

What kind of things do I do in this training program?

Strength Training- you’ll be astounded by the power of proper strength training and you’ll learn how to train your entire body for optimal fat blasting potential

Nutrition- I’ll show you how to rise above the noise in the media about “low carb”, “low fat” and other B.S. fads. You’ll see how 5 days can prime your hormonal system for faster fat loss and why so many people are missing the boat on this.

Cardio- or should I say, “anti-cardio.” Never again will you do long, slow cardio or even train for more than 30 minutes. These 23 minute done-for-you workouts will shed more belly fat than all of your previous cardio workouts combined.

Lifestyle- the super-simple (and often ignored) piece of the puzzle. You’ll learn 3 proven jedi-mind tricks to keep you positive, motivated and healthy even on your worst days.

Motivation- sick of giving up after 5 weeks of training? You’ll see why the Durbrow Performance Method keeps you on track and actually looking forward to your sessions at our gym

Tracking Results- how do you track your results? On the scale I would imagine. Using our comprehensive results tracker you’ll see exactly how much fat and how many inches you’re losing, plus you’ll never lose motivation with this little gem.

Fun- Yes our training is fun. You’ll never dread your workouts with our cutting edge system combined with your motivating trainer and your new workout friends and family.

If you can lay your doubts aside and clear out any of those old thoughts you have about “boot camps” and “personal trainers”, you’ll see for yourself what it’s like to lose staggering amounts of fat, start seeing some new muscles and actually enjoying how your body looks and feels.

Better yet, you’ll get success the easy way, with powerful and proven training that takes just a fraction of the time you used to waste in the gym and during those late nights surfing the net trying to find the answer to your weight loss problems.

Listen: The local gym and your average Joe personal trainer has been preying on you for years. How many hundreds, or even thousands of dollars have you paid out to only be stuck in the same place you were last year? Unhappy, over-fat, sluggish and disgusted with your body.

They want you to spend money and not show up. It’s in their business model to sell lots of memberships and then sit back and watch people like you suffer. But it’s not like that with Durbrow Performance Training.

I care about YOU.




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I’m sick and tired of seeing people joining gyms, falling into the trap of a few free training sessions, not seeing results, doing too much cardio on their own, not seeing results again, and then giving up.

Sure, maybe someday everyone will catch on and start training for results instead of just throwing their money away on the next quick fix pill, internet program or local gym that pops up in your neighborhood. Most folks, including you I imagine, have invested too much time and money in ass-backwards methods and tricks but still look in the mirror every day and feel empty and dissatisfied.

So, here’s the deal: Click on that bright yellow button and schedule your consultation. Email me or call me at the information listed below. We only take a small group of people into each training time (that’s not some marketing ploy to get you to call now, we really only train a maximum of 12 people per session to make sure everyone gets results), but if you’re serious about joining a proven and tested training system that will have you looking and feeling totally bad-ass, improving your confidence and living in the body that you’ve always dreamed of but never knew how to achieve, then I would love to have you on my team.

If you just can’t wait to ditch your old lifestyle and say goodbye to the fat, insecurities and annoying struggles then sign up for your consult right now:

By now you are probably asking, how much is this going to cost me, but that’s the wrong question to ask. This program is entirely more about how much is this going to give me.

I think you’ll agree that the value of your health is worth what, $500? More?

I would hope so.

What about all the money you have toiled away on that lame gym membership where all you use is the elliptical machine? How about that joe-shmo personal trainer that sold you a package of 10 sessions and just stood around and counted your sit ups? Or the weight loss cleanse that you bought online? Or the ultimate ab blaster that did nothing but collect dust in your basement?

How much is it worth to you to know, without a doubt that just like the hundreds of Somerville and Cambridge residents I’ve trained in the last 7 years that you’re going to look fantastic?



Are my prices cheap? No. Do my prices sometimes make potential customers jaws drop on the floor? Sure. But those are the people who are looking for another quick fix or a deal. That’s not you. Do members come back month after month, ready to pay my asking price for the results I bring? (Results you can’t get from your local gym, $20 an hour personal trainer or a drop-in-when-you-want boot camp in the park). You bet.

I can’t give you an exact quote on the investment you’ll make each month because it depends on a few factors like how many days you’ll train and what program you choose. I will tell you that you’ll be making a monthly investment that will change your life. When we sit down for our consultation we’ll go over exactly which program meets your needs and I’m so damned confident that you’ll benefit from my training program.

Think about it: You walk into a party of friends you haven’t seen in a few months. You’re able to wear something freakin’ hot that shows off your new muscles and everyone starts asking you “What have you been doing? You look awesome!”

You can tell them all about how you aren’t on a diet, you get to enjoy food, you lift weights and train like a bad-ass athlete (again, always safely of course).

It would all be worth it, right?

Hell yes it would. So you have nothing to lose by setting up your consult today.

But just one thing:

Don’t Call Me, Don’t Email Me and Don’t Spend One More Minute on this Site If:

1. You’re looking for a $20/month boot camp filled with jumping jacks and running laps in the park

2. You don’t really want to make a change in your life, you’re just jumping from program to program

3. You want Olympic level results at little league prices

4. You care more about “diets” and “fads” than actually buying into a tested and proven program to get results

5. You’re too addicted to mediocrity and too afraid to take the plunge out of your comfort zone to achieve the body that you deserve (don’t worry if you’re a little scared though, that’s okay as long as you take action and schedule with me today.)

But if you’re serious about taking your life, your body and your health into success that you’ve never achieved before, then what are you waiting for?

Take a deep breath and smile because it’s about time to take the first (and hardest) step and make that change.

See you in the gym,
Callie Durbrow

P.S. Just think in 30 days you could be one month older, 5 pounds heavier and feeling even more unmotivated to change. Or you could make the call today for your free consultation and in 1 month you could be 5-7 pounds lighter and on your way to a tight and lean body. It’s your choice.

P.P.S. I urge you to stop throwing good money away on bad trainers, fat burning supplements, “cardio” boot camps and gym memberships. The weight loss industry does not care about your success. Has it even been success?

It’s time to join a program that cares about you and just to prove that your success is my #1 goal I’m going to offer something that no other local personal trainer or boot camp will do…a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I want this experience to be all about your fitness and health that’s why I’m going to take all the risk right out of it and all you have to do is focus on getting into amazing shape by following the exact plan. If you follow everything that I lay out for you, you show up to training sessions and work your butt off and eat all the prescribed foods and you STILL don’t lose at least 3% of your body fat at the first measurements, I’ll refund your money 100%. I’m so confident in our methods and in your motivation to get results that I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Cool?

P.P.P.S. Click on the “Schedule Now” button to set up your free 60 minute consultation.The only thing keeping you from creating the body and lifestyle of your dreams is your own hesitation and fear. I completely understand that, but don’t let it hold you back. Contact me today.

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