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Somerville Personal Training Is The Smart Choice for Weight Loss


90% of people that come to me for personal training are looking to lose weight. Losing weight is a huge motivator for people and usually they have tried everything with no result. By everything, I mean fad diets, useless exercise videos, and maybe even a crappy personal trainer at the local gym that didn’t have a clue how to offer proper training besides the bodybuilding workout he saw in Muscle & Fitness.

Has any of this happened to you? How much money did you lose with these diet scams and “weight loss secrets?”  If you are fed up with investing your time and hard earned money only to see no return on investment, it’s time to go about it the right way. Somerville personal training will get you on the right track to getting LEAN, FIT, and HEALTHY.

Now I know you are thinking, why the heck would I invest more money into personal training when I have tried that, and it failed miserably? Well, hear me out as I give you the top 5 reasons why personal training in Somerville will work for you and your return on investment will be extremely high…

  1. With Somerville personal training you get a customized fitness program that will meet your needs. Even in a group training setting, everything will be personalized just for you.
  2. You will LEARN how to get in shape with Somerville personal training. You will understand why you do what you do and how it will help you meet your fitness goals.
  3. No false expectations, no scams, just an honest exercise program that will get you to your goals and help keep you there.
  4. Consistent evaluations from your personal trainer in order to track results, and make adjustments when needed.
  5. Personal training in Somerville will be fun. You will sweat, run, throw, jump, squat, and torch body fat by the minute.

Somerville personal training has worked for so many people, getting them fit, lean, and helping them to enjoy life. Working out will no longer be a bore. You will be among like-minded people that will keep you motivated and on track. Your personal trainer will help you progress and learn in order to make lifestyle changes and avoid hitting plateaus.


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About Somerville, Massachusetts:
Somerville was established as a town in 1842 after separating from urbanized Charlestown and in 2000 was reported as the most densely populated town in New England. One of the earliest American flags was raised on Prospect Hill (Union Square) in 1776. Somerville became an emerging industrial town and was the home of “Fluff” and the original Economy Grocery Store, which later become Stop and Shop. Somerville has a long legacy of blue collar crime and gangsters, especially on the east end with the “Winter Hill Gang.” Somerville continues its blue collar nature but is also home to many lively coffee shops and funky restaurants; particularly in Davis Square which is a popular area for local Tufts University students. Famous residents include NFL star Howie Long, poet and critic Lloyd Schwartz, and President Barack Obama while he was a student at Harvard Law School.

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