Personal Training Somerville

Secrets of a Somerville Personal Trainer… Revealed!

Are you a local Somerville resident looking to get in the best shape of your life?

Durbrow Performance’s personal training program has helped transform bodies through out the city…

Secret #1

  • Working out does not have to be a chore…
    With the correct training program and a knowledgeable personal trainer; your exercise experiences will be rewarding and fun. Keeping you mentally focused and motivated is important, along with providing the proper stimulus to your body in order to effectively burn fat, gain lean muscle, and ultimately change your physique.

Secret #2

  • Less “Cardio”…More Weight Training…
    Many people (especially women) think that the gateway to weight loss is long, steady cardio sessions. This is actually the complete opposite. In order to rev up your metabolism, burn fat during a session and after, and develop lean muscle, you need to be performing large movements, fully body training sessions, and higher intensity circuits. Don’t isolate muscle groups, lift like a bodybuilder, or try to “tone up.”
    Don’t be afraid of heavy weights- you will not get bulky. What you will do is develop an efficient metabolism, burn fat at rest, develop a tight and sleek looking body, and feel healthier!

Secret #3

  • Having a personal trainer will motivate you more than you know…
    Having someone to hold you accountable is the first step. Once you get to the gym, you are bound to work hard. Once you are there; your workout is planned out and periodized to achieve success during that training session and in the long term. A certified fitness expert will elevate your work rate, create a fun and motivating environment, and give you the guidance and progression that you can’t get from articles, magazines, or TV shows.

Secret #4

  • Eating more will actually help burn fat…
    Eating more of the right foods will stimulate your metabolism, keep your blood sugar regulated to avoid a “crash”, and help you avoid overeating and making bad choices. Eat 5-6 small meals and snacks during the day. Eating too little will cause the body to create a storage effect where the body holds onto the nutrients that it has available. Keeping the body regulated will help with fat loss, weight loss, and overall energy levels.

Join the entourage of people who are discovering these secrets and more, and are on their way to a healthy, strong, fat burning body…

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Personal Training Somerville

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About Somerville, Massachusetts:
Somerville was established as a town in 1842 after separating from urbanized Charlestown and in 2000 was reported as the most densely populated town in New England. One of the earliest American flags was raised on Prospect Hill (Union Square) in 1776. Somerville became an emerging industrial town and was the home of “Fluff” and the original Economy Grocery Store, which later become Stop and Shop. Somerville has a long legacy of blue collar crime and gangsters, especially on the east end with the “Winter Hill Gang.” Somerville continues its blue collar nature but is also home to many lively coffee shops and funky restaurants; particularly in Davis Square which is a popular area for local Tufts University students. Famous residents include NFL star Howie Long, poet and critic Lloyd Schwartz, and President Barack Obama while he was a student at Harvard Law School.

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