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Train With the Best to Lose Fat, Gain Lean Muscle, Tighten Your Entire Body, and Feel Great!

Hi Friends, I’m Callie Durbrow of Durbrow Performance Personal Training. I’m here to tell you that getting fit and losing fat is possible for anyone. It requires tons hard work, dedication and some help from a qualified personal fitness specialist.

Here’s what you will gain from working with a personal trainer:

Accountability: You will have 2-3 sessions scheduled each week and this alone will get you into the gym. Once you are there you will receive a full body, kick butt workout that will torch that extra body fat. You will not have to worry about scheduling the gym time and what you are going to do when you get there.

Motivation: Becoming the new you will require a certain amount of internal motivation but we will be there with you every step of the way, designing your training program to ensure that you will be pushed past your normal limits (safely of course). Your workouts will be nothing less than 100% geared toward building lean muscle and burning excess body fat.

Progression: Many trainers put their clients through the same workouts every session. This leads to both mental and physical burnout with no progress being made toward losing body fat. Your training sessions will be cycled so that changes are made each workout, progressed each week so that changes are made in tempos, repetitions, and sets and then after 2-3 weeks the entire workout is revamped.

Education: We will teach you how to get fit and change your life. You will learn proper technique, safety, nutrition, effective strength training, and the most efficient way to perform your cardio sessions. You will no longer be lost in the shuffle, trying to figure out the best way to lose fat and gain lean muscle. Your body will change along with your mindset on exercise. We will teach you that more is not always better, and efficiency and intensity are the keys to a solid program.

Your Medford personal trainer will help you:

  • Lose Fat Effectively
  • Gain Lean Muscle
  • Tighten Your Body
  • Look Great
  • Feel Energized and Happy

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Cambridge MA

Fitness is getting on the elliptical 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes. It’s eating more salads. Its push-ups and crunches.

Well, at least that’s what fitness was to me before starting with Callie Durbrow at Durbrow Performance Training. Sure, that approach resulted in some progress, but it was slow. And let me tell you, it was boring. Maybe it sounds familiar.

But oh no, that’s not how Callie rolls. She knows what she’s doing and takes an approach that goes for maximum, healthy, sustainable results quickly. She’s got interesting exercises that work large muscle groups… hard. At any level, she makes sure you get a great workout. I’m in much better shape than when I started six months ago, but I still get my butt kicked from her workouts just the same. And beyond the sessions, she’s taught me basics of nutrition and diet and provided me with ideas for my own workouts to get started on a sustainable fitness lifestyle change.

I’m loving the results. I’ve lost 5% body fat and over twenty five pounds, while adding noticeable lean muscle. I’ve achieved my goals of losing weight, getting a flatter stomach, and feeling healthier. I’ve got the type of body I had in high school and I know in time, it’ll be even better.

Now, I’m ready to set some new goals for myself. Like getting to 12% body fat by the end of the year, training for a marathon, …and to finish replacing my over-sized wardrobe with clothes that fit.

“I've Achieved My Goals Of Losing Weight, Getting A Flatter Stomach, And Feeling Healthier.”
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Andy S.

I started personal training with Callie Durbrow after a running injury made me realize that I needed help reaching my goals. With Callie’s guidance, in only a few months I’ve gained more lean muscle, decreased body fat by 5%, lost 10 pounds and a clothing size, increased my running endurance and pace time, and best of all, recovered from my injury in record time.

Callie’s experience and knowledge enables her to create a program that works for the unique needs of every client. Her workouts are challenging but rewarding and always produce noticeable results. I highly recommend training with Callie to everyone. Regardless of your current fitness level Callie can help you grow stronger!

“Andy Lost A Full Clothing Size, 10 Pounds And 5% Body Fat!!”
“I Highly Recommend Durbrow Performance Training!”

“Courtney Lost 10 lbs So Far and Says It Changed Her Life”

“See how Liz lost 11 pounds of body fat and 23 inches....”

“LeighAnn lost 17.5 inches and 13 pounds of fat in just 5 weeks”

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About Medford:
Medford is a suburb in the Mystic River Valley, a few miles north of Boston. It is the home of Tufts University and was the center of industry for brick, tile, and rum manufacturers. In the late 19th century local resident James Pierpont was inspired to write “Jingle Bells” after watching a sleigh race from Medford to Malden.
Medford was home to many famous residents including Amelia Earhart, Michael Bloomberg, NHL star Keith Tkachuk, and actress Jessica Biel (who attended Tufts University).
Medford is also home to some of New England’s most well-known bakeries, delis, and Italian restaurants.

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