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Charlestown Residents: Find Out Why Losing Body Fat and Gaining Lean Muscle Could Save Your Life…

Most people view excess body fat as unattractive and visually unappealing. While these are valid reasons to increase exercise, excessive fat, especially around the mid-section can be harmful to your health in more than one way. There are two main types of fat; subcutaneous fat lies directly beneath the skin on top of the abdominal muscles.


Visceral fat lies deeper in the abdomen below the muscles and surrounds the organs. Both types of fat, but specifically visceral fat, are related to higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stroke, and several types of cancer.

Hi, I’m Callie Durbrow of Durbrow Performance Personal Training programs. Many people struggle with how to effectively lose body fat and increase their overall health. This requires several pieces of the puzzle to be molded together into an effective exercise and fitness program.

Your personal trainer can help you effectively lose body fat, increase the amount of lean muscle tissue in order to elevate your metabolism, lose weight, and develop an overall healthy lifestyle with decreased disease risks.

Here’s how we will do that:

Effective Strength Training:

  • Large muscle group movements such as squats, lunges, chin ups, push ups, and core exercises are excellent for lean muscle development and conditioning. Your personal trainer will provide you with long term training goals, proper and safe progressions, and motivation to “raise the bar” with each workout.

High Intensity Conditioning:

  • Steady state cardio is out, high intensity and short duration exercises are in. Movement such as sprints, jump rope, kettle bell circuits, and sled pushes are much more efficient and effective at training your cardiovascular system than running on a treadmill for 45 minutes straight.

Proper Nutrition Plans:

  • Eating 5-6 meals per day, smaller portions with high quality proteins, lean meats, vegetables, and healthy fats will give you the energy for hard core training sessions as well as avoid excess fatty and processed foods.


  • Let’s face it, people make excuses. Setting 2-3 weekly appointments with your personal trainer will keep you accountable and on the right track to ultimate fat loss and health.

Does transforming your body into a lean, strong, and energized machine with low risk for disease sound good to you? If you are committed to excellence and hard work, Durbrow Performance personal fitness training is the right program for you.

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Personal Training Charlestown

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About Charlestown, Massachusetts:
Charlestown is directly part of Boston, extending into a peninsula between the Charles and Mystic Rivers. Charlestown was a historic area during the American Revolution and in the late 1900’s had a large Irish Mob Gang presence. In the 1980’s Charlestown went through a dramatic overhaul, drawing many upper-middle class professionals to its brownstone and brick houses. Today it is a mix of upper-middle class residents and lifelong “townies.” The Warren Tavern was opened in 1780, the oldest tavern in Massachusetts, and claims to have been one of Paul Revere’s favorite pubs. The Bunker Hill Monument and St. Mary’s Church are among the other famous landmarks. Charlestown is the burial site of John Harvard (namesake of Harvard University) as well as home to USA’s 1980 Olympic Hockey Champion Jack O’Callahan and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse.

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