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Why Personal Training in Charlestown Will Give You 100% Better Results
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If You Do it Right…

Working with a personal trainer can give you an individualized fitness program, which can maximize your training results. Personal training will help you achieve results in a more efficient and effective manner.  However, you should not just trust any personal trainer or personal training program out there.

You need to be cautious on the qualification of the personal trainer. But when you live at Charlestown or surrounding areas, this should not be a problem because personal training Charlestown operates with professional fitness coaches who meet with you individually and help to develop a solid and easy to follow plan of attack. Even though most programs are run in a small group setting, individuals will always see a personal touch and at the same time get motivated by their peers.

Have you ever joined a gym and tried to develop your own fitness and training plan, only to fall flat on your face because you have no clue which exercises to perform on which day, and how many repetitions to do of each particular movement?

Do you then get discouraged and quit? Or worse, get injured and are forced out of the gym and associating exercise with pain?

Personal training with a qualified fitness coach in Charlestown will not only motivate you to push past your normal limits, it will also keep you safe and allow progression without complete adaptation and boredom.

How many times do you say “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”…and tomorrow becomes the next day, and the next day becomes next week. Becoming accountable to someone other than you is a huge motivator for fitness success. Scheduling your personal training appointment each week will not only get you to the gym, but it will keep you on schedule and enforce the development of healthy lifestyle changes.

Personal training in Charlestown will also give you tangible information that will allow you to see results. Prior to training, clients will test their body fat percentage and circumference measurements. These are great tools to see overall changes in composition and inches lost without focusing on the results of the scale. Measurements are re-tested every 5-6 weeks to show strong improvement and will serve as a motivating factor for training.

Personal training with a qualified fitness coach who understands progressions and training cycles is imperative to your fitness success. With Durbrow Performance Training our clients will see 2-3 week training cycles to ensure that they progress and get stronger and leaner, but avoid adaptation and boredom.

Combining fun, dynamic, motivating training sessions with solid testing and feedback are important keys to overall success. Durbrow Performance Training in Charlestown is completely qualified, certified, and experienced. You will not see boring machine workouts while your trainer counts repetitions and chats about his or her weekend.

Personal training in Charlestown will give you the results that you NEED, WANT, and DESERVE. You will have fun, you will sweat, and you will get lean, fit, and toned in the safest and most efficient way possible.


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About Charlestown, Massachusetts:
Charlestown is directly part of Boston, extending into a peninsula between the Charles and Mystic Rivers. Charlestown was a historic area during the American Revolution and in the late 1900’s had a large Irish Mob Gang presence. In the 1980’s Charlestown went through a dramatic overhaul, drawing many upper-middle class professionals to its brownstone and brick houses. Today it is a mix of upper-middle class residents and lifelong “townies.” The Warren Tavern was opened in 1780, the oldest tavern in Massachusetts, and claims to have been one of Paul Revere’s favorite pubs. The Bunker Hill Monument and St. Mary’s Church are among the other famous landmarks. Charlestown is the burial site of John Harvard (namesake of Harvard University) as well as home to USA’s 1980 Olympic Hockey Champion Jack O’Callahan and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse.

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