Is Too Much Exercise Too Much (and one thing you MUST do)

In the world of extremes that we live in today, everything is too fast, too over the top and just too much.

If someone tells you to take 2 Advil for your back pain, a lot of people will take 4 because it’s just twice as good, right?

Maybe in the short term.

We’ve become obsessed with extremes for exercise too. This is not a video about why you should do LESS exercise, because I definitely think most people are doing too little anyway…

The point I want to make is that you need to get your doses correct.

Too much exercise without actually progressing to get better doesn’t do you any good.

When you combine that with not enough sleep and not enough food (or too much of the wrong stuff) then you have a recipe for zero results, injury, burn out, fatigue and just feeling like total crap.

What’s the difference between a workout and a training session?

A workout is just a bunch of exercises thrown together with no progression and no reason for them.

If you are doing a different “workout” every single week, just smashing yourself into the ground, how do you measure your progress?

A training session is a strategic group of exercises designed to elicit a certain response. Whether that response is fat loss (which occurs after the session, not during), muscle development or just overall conditioning, it comes with a plan.

Check out this video where I talk about the M.E.D for exercise, nutrition and sleep and the one thing you MUST do without negotiation if you want results.

0 Is Too Much Exercise Too Much (and one thing you MUST do)
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Which of These Three Fit You Best?

Are you a fight, flight or a freeze?

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest was speaking about how people react to certain situations.

It’s pretty interesting and I think intuitively we all kind of “know” this but when it’s spelled out so simply, it really makes you think.

When you come across something new, a challenge or a rough patch, what do you do?

Do you fight through the initial discomfort and through maybe a little pain?

Do you hit the flight mechanism and just run from it to try and ignore it?

Do you just freeze and do nothing (the old “paralysis by analysis” fits in here)?

It’s probably not the same reaction for every situation.

Some situations might seem easier to fight through because you see the reward coming or the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some may drum up memories for you that are pretty painful so you run to avoid them.

Some things may have you so confused on where to start that you just freeze and do nothing.

Not every person will fall into the same category for the same situation.

The important thing that I took from the interview and I wanted to pass along to you is that you should start becoming aware of what you’re doing in a tough situation.

I started doing this and it’s pretty eye opening. The acknowledgement is tough and the next level is what you’ll do about it.

Take a second and look at your own behavior. Ask yourself, “Am I fighting, fleeing or freezing?

If you find yourself freezing or fleeing around the topic of getting in shape, we can help you out. Check out this video to take the first step. 

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Get the Hell Out of Your Comfort Zone (It Sucks!)

Last weekend I took a last minute trip to Orange County, CA to do a one-day seminar with some of the top fitness business leaders.

I have been in business groups and masterminds over the last few years and hung with some super heavy-hitters in the industry and now I’m proud to call them my friends. These groups have allowed me to really branch out in my business and push it to higher and higher levels every year.

This particular seminar was a lead-in to a new business group that’s going to allow me to move my business in a new direction, into the online space.

I met with the guys, went over some ideas and then before the day was over, jumped on board to a mastermind group with some of the top pros in the industry once again. I’m no stranger to taking action, it’s just part of my personality to get shit done.

I came home and was crazy excited and ready to start working on my new product and program. I got into the group and started chatting with some people, seeing what they’re doing and all of a sudden I got a paralyzing fear.

I have mentioned before in previous emails that I’m a very physically emotional person. I literally feel things in my gut. This was one of those days. I was on a roll, working on the program and then I literally stopped in my tracks.

I had this overwhelming feeling of fear and it stopped my momentum fast.

I started thinking about how I might be over my head, this new group is too high level for me and maybe I’m not cut out for this.

It’s human nature to want to stay comfortable and stay in that warm, cozy bubble that doesn’t hurt and isn’t scary.

I started my training business and I reached out for mentors, it helped me a million times over. It’s the same thing with branching out into an online portion of my business. I know what to do but I want the accountability of the group and to have someone there to guide me and to answer questions, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It took me a good hour to talk myself out of the whirlwind I had created for myself. I knew it was the right move to make but I was totally scared.

I thought about how the people in the group are already so far ahead of me, some of them making 6 and 7 figures online and I haven’t even finished my first product. What the hell am I doing here?

Once I came to my senses I took a deep breath and made myself realize that I have to focus on ME and not what everyone else is doing. I can’t compare myself to them right now and it’s all a learning process and a growth process for me and my business.

As I was driving to the gym the next day, I was thinking back on that and also how it relates to fitness.

So many people go through this same mental fight when it comes to working out. When they see other people in shape, they may get motivated to take action. Some people might do the complete opposite and retreat further into a scared state where no action happens.

My advice to you if you are just starting out (or wanting to start out) is to utilize your group as motivation and fuel to get better. Don’t compare yourself to someone who has been training for a year. Their habits are different than yours, but you WILL get there.

On the other side of the coin, don’t become paralyzed with fear and never start. One of my long time mentors once said to me “action alleviates anxiety.”

When you feel overwhelmed or scared, just do SOMETHING to move yourself forward.

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you to be better, even if you’re not quite there yet.

Staying in a comfortable bubble feels good at the time, but feeling regret and knowing that you can do MORE is a much, much worse feeling.

If you’re ready to get around a motivating, supportive group that will push you but also make you laugh while you work out (yes, it’s true!) then click here. 


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Somerville Training: Barbell Glute Bridges

Here’s one of my favorite exercises for building the booty and developing some muscle through the glutes and hamstrings, something most women really want to work on.

Add this Barbell Glute Bridge into your training routine as your main lower body exercise or use it as a supplemental movement in conjunction with dead lifts, lunges or squats.

Check out the video that I made for you and if you enjoyed this post, be sure to Like and Share!

0 Somerville Training: Barbell Glute Bridges
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Do What You Know, Don’t Do More “Stuff”

What’s the best way to get results and lose weight?

It’s not doing more “stuff” or trying a new diet or the next hottest exercise plan.

It’s all about doing what you know.

Train hard.


Eat foods that support your goals.

If you do these things REALLY well, you’ll see results.

Here’s a video for you where I explain all of this in detail….

0 Do What You Know, Dont Do More Stuff

I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below if this helped you out in any way.

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Can I Do This?

How was your weekend?

I was out in California for a 2 day meeting with my business group then I got home on Saturday just in time to catch the Final Four.

Can’t say that I picked those teams but it’s so much fun to watch no matter who’s in it.

On Sunday I ran my Ladies Only Strength Group through a serious Glute training session. I did that one myself and yeah, I’m feeling it icon smile Can I Do This?

The reason for the email today is a little something to start off your week.

You’ve probably heard me mention that in the gym we never use the word can’t.

If you’re in the gym you may have done a quick 5 burpees for using that very word icon smile Can I Do This?

I heard something really interesting that I want you to think about and challenge each time you are in the gym.

Instead of saying “I can do that” you should switch it even more and ask yourself “can I do that?

Sounds the same right?

Think about it for a second.

Let’s say we’re talking about a Kettlebell Swing. You reach for the 20kg bell because you know “I can do that.”

Instead maybe you reach for the 24kg and ask yourself, “Can I do that?”

It’s just a subtle challenge and a shift in your mindset to get away from what you KNOW you can do.

I also heard it put like this:

I can’t do that = self limiting belief

I can do that = complacent

Can I do that? = empowering and challenging

Think about it, how many times do you go into the workout and do the exercises that you know or like, or consistently do the weight that you know you can accomplish?

Even if you ask yourself, can I do that, and the answer is “not 100% perfectly yet”…. who cares?

What’s the worst that could happen?

You increase the weight and only get 8 reps instead of 10?

That’s progress, my friend.

Use this little test the next time you face an exercise that’s tough or someone (ahem, cough, cough) asks you to go up in the weight.

I highly suggest that you check out how some of our clients have changed their lives both mentally and physically. They tell their stories right here.  

Have an awesome week!


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I Screwed This Up

I’m not writing this email in my usual fashion. Mondays are typically my work-from-home days and I’m really focused, ready to get a ton of work done for the week.
Today instead I’m writing you this email from the Charlotte NC airport. I was at a seminar this weekend and was scheduled to fly back last night. There were some crazy winds in NC and the delay would have caused me to miss my connection. So instead I booked a room and just rolled with the punches.
I’m going to write an email next week on why I think things like this reveal the character of a person, but that’s for another story entirely…
Today I wanted to tell you how I screwed up.
I’m all for eating healthy, obviously.
Do we all need a little guidance though? For sure. I think every coach should have a coach.
That’s why I’m personally going through our 90 day nutrition coaching program at the gym. (It’s completely sold out until August just from one seminar, we’ll be taking more applications this summer).
Does that mean that every day is perfect?
Hell no.
The other day I was stressed. I’m very much an internal person when it comes to stress. I literally feel it in my gut and I used to get severe stomach pains because I let stress build up.
I’m much better with that now.
But just like pretty much everyone that I know, I sometimes get the “I want to eat my feelings” day.
Last Wednesday I was stressed out and honestly I can’t even remember why.
I ate really well, totally on point with my macros and hit all of my calories.
Then the shoe dropped.
I got a huge wave of stress that evening and as I was in the cabinet getting my protein powder out for my shake the next day, I noticed a bag of chocolate chips.
Pretty innocent right?
I mean, who really likes chocolate chips?
Okay, fine, I do.
I’m not sure why they were even in there but they sure were calling for me.
I didn’t really think about it, I just grabbed them and before I knew it I had about 3 handfuls gone.
So was my “perfect” eating day.
Is the point of this email to tell you that I was so pissed that I ruined my perfect eating day and I let the stress get to me and I didn’t just walk away or do some “coping” mechanism that I should know better?
I want you to know that I’m human. I don’t talk about myself very much, that actually makes me very uncomfortable.
But I want you to know that I did NOT agonize over it.
I figured out WHY I did it.
I was stressed out and I should have taken a few minutes to work through that, instead of be impulsive with food and think that would make it better.
Is 3 handfuls of chocolate chips the worst thing ever?
But does it align with my goals?
The other moral of the story is that when you mess up, just get back on course the next day.
This isn’t license to just eat whatever because you don’t have to feel guilty the next day.
The goal is to understand you are human, you will have slip ups but beating yourself up is even worse sometimes.
Feeling guilty about food only leads to more discomfort around the whole subject.
Figure out why it happened.
Drink lots of fluids the next day and use the good, healthy food to nourish your body and fuel your training sessions.
If it’s happening over and over, then you need to address the real issue at hand.
I’ll admit, I was kinda pissed that I did it at first, but I got over it and realized that being hard on myself is NOT going to solve anything.
Use this gauge with yourself. If you slip up once, figure out why and move on.
Don’t feel guilty or agonize.
If you slip up time after time, you’ll want to look a little deeper at why the food is the trigger or the soothing thing.
Have an awesome week and I’ll be back with some videos and recaps of my trip later this week.
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Healthy Recipe: Citrus Marinade for Fish

Here’s a super simple and healthy recipe you can use to marinate any type of fish.

You want to be weary of the bottled marinades as they contain a ton of sugar.

You can make this one easily at home with just a few ingredients. Check out the video and I’ll explain exactly what you need to do.

0 Healthy Recipe: Citrus Marinade for Fish


  • 1/4 cup fresh juice from an orange
  • 1/4 cup liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • A dash of garlic, sea salt, pepper and oregano
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Don’t Try

Happy Monday to you. I hope your weekend was excellent.
We went to a wedding for one of my favorite people, she has been a friend and a client for several years and it was really an amazing day.
I love March Madness so Sunday after a training session I was really excited to put the games on and just enjoy the spirit and competition of college basketball. Plus my team is still alive, Virginia Cavaliers!
Onto the topic at hand for today. You may have noticed that I’ve been writing more about the psychological and mental side of training and changing your life.
Over the years I’ve noticed the difference between people who REALLY change and people who get some results is what they say out loud and in their own heads.
People are resistant to change. It’s just human nature.
The reasons vary from person to person but usually it’s because getting out of the comfort zone or breaking habits is a scary thing.
When you do something for the first time, of course it’s not going to be perfect.
Think about the first time you tried to do a push up. You may have to think way, way back…
But it was probably shaky, your elbows flopped out like chicken wings and your butt was sticking up in the air.
You did them though. They weren’t perfect or pretty, but you did them.
This is what I want you to think about when you come across a new task, a new exercise or a new way to think about eating or planning your meals.
Obviously I don’t want you to say “I can’t do that” 
That’s a given icon smile Dont Try
What most people will say is “I will try.”
Nope. Don’t try.
What is trying anyway? It’s a lame, middle of the road, “maybe I’ll fail so I don’t want to go all in” luke-warm, B.S. cop out.
I want you to say “I’ll do that.”
Doesn’t mean you’ll do it great. You’ll probably suck for a few reps of the exercise or a few weeks of the new eating plan.
You’re still doing it.
I’m not asking you to do it perfectly. Just put in the effort, then put in the effort again and again.
Do it.
Have a great week,


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Durbrow Performance Training February Client of the Month: Barbara Langone

Congrats to our February Client of the Month, Barbara Langone!

Barbara has been training with the Durbrow Performance family since May of 2013. She came in after winning a month of training at a fundraiser from some of her fellow Constant Contact co-workers. Right off the bat she fit in perfectly, a great mix of being fun and laid back but when it comes to the training sessions, she goes into beast mode.

Every session Barbara is focused and she’s so easy to coach. She is patient with herself but always willing to push and use a bigger kettlebell or just a little bit more weight on the Prowler. She has improved her upper body strength tremendously and in her first 6 weeks alone she lost 8 pounds of body fat and 10 inches.

In the next 10 weeks she lost another 7 pounds of body fat and 4 more inches.

She has overall been one of our most consistent and hard working clients but in the last month this effort really shined through. Tom, Emily and I all agreed that she is one of the easiest clients to coach and we love the effort and attitude.

Congrats again Barbara, you deserve it!

Barbara COM e1395339191600 Durbrow Performance Training February Client of the Month: Barbara Langone

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