What I Learned in Sunny Cali

Last weekend I was in sunny Cali

It was 80 degrees and sunny…that didn’t suck

I was at a fitness seminar with over 600 other professionals….I wanted to share with you what I learned

(don’t worry, it’s not boring shit like which exercises are the best)

  • surround yourself with like minded people
  • be crystal clear on your intentions
  • spend 15-20 minutes each morning working on YOU before you work on others
  • get a mentor
  • get a mentor that scares you, just a little
  • never stop working to get better
  • work out with people (it’s WAY more fun)

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Why I Train

don’t train to get in shape

Sounds weird, coming from a fitness coach right?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t….what I am saying is that you need to figure out your goals

My goals and why I train are:

  • I want to feel bad ass
  • It helps me clear my head
  • I love doing Chin Ups
  • I LOVE doing Front Squats
  • Because muscles (shout out to Neghar Fonooni for that phrase)
  • I want to be pain free
  • I like to be able to jump up and do whatever my clients want me to do or show them ANY exercise
  • I like sculpting my body

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You’re Doing Okay

The last few weeks were really rough for me.

If you’ve been reading my emails for a bit, you know that I’ve been working on myself

I got away from all the “eat right and work out” stuff because frankly, it works but if you have shit going on, it only works for so long

Anyway, I had a little time over the past few weeks that straight up SUCKED
I felt myself slipping back into old habits

Once I got myself back into my “good” habits

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I Can’t Do It (weird brain shift stuff)

I have a trainer, his name is John

He writes all my workouts and keeps me on track.

It’s freakin’ glorious- I don’t have to write my own workouts and I just go in and do what he says

Three days ago I was getting set up for my upper body workout (had a basketball game later in the evening so it was a double workout day- yikes)

Anyway, on the docket for the day was 30 chin ups (I could do them in any variation of reps, as long as they got done)

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A Thought is Harmless BUT My Thoughts Were Killing Me

How many times have you heard this?

“just think positive”

“mind over matter”

Blah, blah, blah….

All of that may work as a short term boost to your mental, but what about making REAL changes?

I used to have crazy amounts of anxiety

(I guess it never goes away, but you figure out ways to channel it and manage it)

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